Room Additions (Concrete Pouring)

Dressler-Block Concrete offers Room Addition concrete pouring for additional foundation support for additions, screenrooms, enclosed patios, and more. If you are a homeowner, or a home addition contractor, call Dressler-Block Concrete for the best in room addition concrete pouring for your next project.

Room Addition Concrete Pouring Features

Concrete pouring for Room Additions is different from walkway or sidewalk concrete pouring in one major way, the support structure. Our room addition concrete pouring is engineered and reinforced to support the structures that will be built on top of it. We approach room addition concrete pouring the same way you would a new construction foundation. Room addition concrete pouring is the most important step in the build because it is the first step and everything will rely on it after it’s poured. An unlevel surface or miscalculation on size when pouring for a room addition can seriously effect the room addition’s final touches.

Room Addition Concrete Pouring Installation Steps

Once the forms are in place and the room addition concrete pouring begins, the new pad can be reinforced with various rebar and steel meshes depending on the depth of the pour. The grading and prep is all worth it before the concrete pouring for the room addition. When done correctly, the prep work on the ground will help the new room addition concrete pouring be level, have even thickness throughout, and have proper reinforcement and expansion joints where needed. The results will be a strongly supported room addition built on a strong concrete foundation from Dressler Block Concrete.

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