Garden Walls

Garden walls are great for a landscaping accent on your design, blocking unwanted seen areas, or keeping unwanted visitors out of the garden. We provide our garden walls with a huge variety of different patterns, textures, and colors. Garden walls are an essential part of the garden, sheltering the garden from wind and frost in certain climates. Dressler Block Concrete offers installation services for garden walls in these areas:

Sheltered Gardens from Garden Walls

With our well designed garden walls, a microclimate is created where the climate inside the garden walls rises higher than its surrounding area. The plants that would not survive in the colder surrounding temperature, now strive. At Dressler-Block Concrete we build garden walls that provide excellent shelter using a variety of stone and brick. Our stone and brick supplies sufficient amounts of radiated heat to aid in the growth of plants.

Garden Wall Installation

One of our estimators will be sent out to your property to begin the free estimate on your new garden walls project. After the assessment the project is then taken over by a project manager who handles the management of the work crews, the fabrication and installation. If the customer has any questions throughout the installation they are free to reach the project manager for answers.

When the estimate has been made and the project manager completes the preparations, the installation process will begin. We start by establishing the perimeter of the garden according to your specifications and use our specialized equipment to lay the bricks or stone with uniform thickness and grading. Our work crews and project managers have experience in construction and install quality garden walls.

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