Retaining Walls

A specially designed retaining wall might be what you need for your landscape designing needs. Our retaining walls at Dressler-Block Concrete provide uniquely structured decorative gardens, or allow you to level a steep slope. Easily maintainable, retaining walls make perfect terraces and raised beds with low walls. Our staff complete installation of retaining walls with always the highest build quality, using excellent interlocking concrete retaining blocks.

Interlocking Concrete Retaining Blocks

Our retaining walls come with a wide variety of different interlocking concrete retaining blocks. Using perfectly form fitting retaining blocks, our retaining walls maintain strength throughout each formed curve. Each retaining block come with mortarless systems that have a lip on the bottom rear side to successfully lock the blocks together. At Dressler-Block Concrete we have what your landscaping needs with our structured designed retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Installation

Each installation of our retaining walls comes with a free onsite estimate from one of our professional estimators through an assessment of your property. After the estimation, the project will be forwarded to the project manager who oversees the entire installation process. The Project manager will be responsible for the scheduling, material specifications, fabrication and supervising the project of your new retaining wall.

Once the estimate has been approved and the project manager sets up the scheduling, and preparations, the installation will begin. First step to installation will be to build a sturdy foundation for the retaining wall. The foundation must be slightly lower than ground level for the retaining wall to be held firmly into place. Once the foundation is complete, our workers will begin to build the wall with high quality interlocking concrete retaining blocks and finish out the retaining wall with concrete block caps. Our work crews and project managers have experience in construction and install quality retaining walls in Naperville, Aurora, and Chicagoland.

Use the contact form on the right of the page for your free onsite estimate on your retaining wall installation.