Environmental Pavers

If you’re looking for environmental brick pavers for your patio, walkway, or driveway, Dressler-Block Concrete can help! Our massive color selection of environmental brick pavers allows us to match nearly any home or landscape, providing a clean, professional look to your finished product. Our environmental brick pavers can greatly improve the overall look of your project by arranging them in various configurations of patterns and rows.

Environmental Brick Pavers Colors and Patterns

We know that the task of choosing your color, seal, and pattern of environmental brick pavers can be difficult, especially with the plethora of options available. Just remember that you want your environmental brick pavers to enhance the appearance of the buildings and landscaping which surround it. Colors that are complementary to the nearby deck, outbuilding, or house are the best option for your environmental brick pavers. While you may choose any pattern that you wish for your environmental brick pavers, it is vital for the overall look that you maintain consistency throughout the project. The seal of the environmental brick pavers should be determined by the amount of sunlight that they will receive, as glare from the sun will detract from the look of the project.

Environmental Brick Pavers Care and Sizes

Remember that the amount of ongoing maintenance that will be required by your environmental brick pavers is determined by their size. Weeds and plants will eventually grow up in between the pavers, even with an underlayment. Smaller brick pavers will result in more seams through which weeds can grow, and therefore will need more maintenance. If you want to keep your environmental brick pavers looking as good as new, it is vital that you keep them clean and free of weeds.

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