Designer Brick Pavers

Designer brick pavers are among the more popular choice for patios, walking paths, and garden walk ways. The designer brick pavers can be configured in a large variety of interlocking patterns as well as traditional staggered rows. The designer brick pavers are so popular because they have a smooth, professional looking finish and a great assortment of colors to choose from. Whether you are in Naperville, Downers Grove, Aurora, or anywhere in the Chicagoland area, we have the designer brick pavers you need.

Designer Brick Paver Patterns & Seals

When choosing a designer brick paver pattern, color, and seal, make choices that compliment the structures and the property around where the designer brick pavers will be placed. The color of the designer brick pavers should compliment the house or deck it will be adjacent to. The pattern the designer brick pavers is laid should stay continuous throughout the entire laying for best presentation. If you already have a brick paver area, a different pattern can look odd to visitors or potential buyers. When choosing a seal, consider the amount of sunlight the surface gets when choosing the sheen. Reflections and glare can dampen the beauty of the designer brick pavers if you can’t see it.

Designer Brick Paver Sizes and Maintenance

Choosing the size of the designer brick pavers will also effect the maintenance level. While the prep and underlayment of sand or rockdust can slow weed and plant growth, surface dirt and nature finds a way to grow in the cracks and seams of any paver project. The larger the designer brick pavers are, the less seams you will have to weed, clean, and seal over time. Smaller designer brick pavers allow for many more seams to maintain. Cleaning out the weeds actively and sealing regularly will keep your designer brick paver project looking new for years and years.

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