Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are an excellent addition to a home because they can improve the look of your yard or landscape and they also provide a place to build an outdoor living space. Dressler-Block Concrete offers installation services for concrete patios to Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, and the western suburbs of Chicago. We strive to provide high quality concrete installations and our specialized equipment allows us to install unique concrete patios to fit the design of your yard or landscape.

Benefits of Concrete Patios

Patios are versatile features of a landscape that can take virtually any form and they are normally made from concrete or brick pavers. Concrete patios have distinct advantages over wooden decks or patios as they are much more durable and require little maintenance compared to wood that needs occasional resealing. Concrete also comes in different styles and colors which allows for more creative freedom to install a patio that matches the design and décor of your home or landscape. Our staff can install custom concrete patios to fit the unique layout of your yard with our specialized equipment.

Concrete Patio Installation

We begin our concrete patio installation services by sending out an estimator to your property to assess the job and provide you with a free estimate. The project is then taken over by a project manager who handles every aspect of the job from the management of the work crews to the fabrication and installation. The project manager can be reached by the customer anytime throughout the installation process with any changes or concerns.

After the estimate has been made and the project manager completes the preparations, the installation process will begin. We start by establishing the perimeter of the patio according to your specifications and use our specialized equipment to lay the concrete with uniform thickness and grading. Our work crews and project managers have experience in construction and can install a quality concrete patio.

Contact us today to get a free onsite estimate for the installation of a new concrete patio.

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